If you’re still utilizing antiquated, yellow page-type advertising as your sole marketing strategy then you may want to reconsider.  The following stats should certainly be an eye opener in regards to where you should be spending your marketing dollars.

Think you’re ahead of the curve because you had a website built in 2003?  You’re probably not.  Websites and Digital Marketing are a new beast altogether.  Gone are the days of simply having a Website, cramming a bunch of keywords on it and waiting for the phone to ring.  It’s become a lot more complicated with the evolution of SEO/SEM, Online Video, Social Media and the increasing usage of mobile browsing.

The bottom line is that as technology has changed so has the way people communicate, purchase, interact and locate things they want or need.  Ignore these stats and you’re missing out on a tremendous amount of potential clientele.

Here is why:

  1. When using organic SEO techniques and a PPC campaign together, you can expect to receive 25% more clicks and 27% more profits versus using just one or the other. [Via Business 2 Community]
  2. While the top Google listing still gets about 1/3 of all clicks, the organic results earning the 2nd, 3rd, and 4thspot now receive the other 63% of the clicks, leaving only 4% of clicks for anything lower. [Via Business 2 Community]
  3. Half of all search queries contain four or more words (so target those long-tail keywords!). [Via WordStream]
  4. An impressive 72% of all people who performed a local search ended up frequenting a store that was within five miles of them. [Via WordStream]
  5. Not surprisingly, 67% of mobile users will leave a website if they become frustrated with the site’s navigation, and 72% will exit out if the site loads too slowly. [via Search Engine Watch]
  6. Conversion rates from search are 10% higher than they are from social on desktops, and 15% higher on mobile. [Via Freely]
  7. The amount of internet usage that Americans dedicate to social networking sites has risen to 28%, up from27%. [Via Global Web Index]
  8. Out of all U.S. residents, 70% of them use at least one social networking site, and more than 50% use two or more. [Via Statista]
  9. Speaking of social media use, 90% of Millennials now use social media, while 35% of people over 65 do. [ViaPew Research Center]
  10. When it comes to communicating with businesses, 33% of Millennials prefer using social media over any other channel. [Via MarketingSherpa]

Granted, some of these stats were generated a year or so ago but it still does not change the fact that we’re part of a very much technology driven society.  The digital age we’re in seeks quick and accurate results.  Often times, search engines, a website and a bit of social media interaction will provide the individual the exact answer they need – plus some options.

What do these Numbers/Stats mean?

Frankly, they mean that you need  to have an up-to-date, fresh website (that is mobile or responsive) and need a Search Engine and Social Media presence – embrace the new age of inbound marketing!

As the saying goes “The door is open, you need to walk through it yourself.”  This couldn’t be more true to the many still hesitant about utilizing digital marketing.  We hope these stats are convincing enough.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in February 2014 and was updated in February 2016 for accuracy.

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